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Why have a Glucose Test During Pregnancy?

Can you take a Pregnancy Test during implantation bleeding?

You can take a pregnancy test during implantation bleeding but a urine test will likely be negative. You need to have the HCG leach into the maternal bloodstream before a pregnancy test is positive. This can take up to a couple of days after implantation so testing then is more important. You can also take a pregnancy test during a period but, unless it is a false period, it will probably be negative. Talk to your doctor if you are having bleeding but have a positive pregnancy test because this could represent implantation bleeding, an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.

Genetic Testing during Pregnancy

At around 11-13 weeks gestation, you can have a CVS test, which is also called chorionic villous sampling test. This is a test that will act as paternity testing, if necessary, a test for Down syndrome, and DNA testing for hereditary diseases, including a cystic fibrosis test. You can also have an AFP test early in pregnancy. This is a blood test that is part of screening tests for abnormalities of pregnancy, including Down syndrome. Chorionic villous sampling is not without risk. It involves going into the uterus and taking a piece of tissue from the growing placenta. The genetic details of the infant, including paternity testing, can be done on this sample of tissue.

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