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When Does Implantation Occur? 10 Days After Ovulation When Implantation Is Possible

“Only 24 Hours for Fertilization?”, You Wonder…

How long does conception take? When does conception occur? Yes, in general you have just 24 hours to conceive, but some preparations for conception start much earlier, approximately 5-7 days before ovulation. Spermatozoa, which have got inside the uterus or Fallopian tubes, can wait for ovulation from several hours up to 7 days! Your vaginal discharge provides them a very favorable environment.

So, even though fertilization happens only during ovulation, don’t exclude the possibility to get pregnant, for example, 5 days before ovulation. How to know whether conception has happened? Actually nobody can predict it. Conception remains one of the greatest life mysteries, it cannot be predicted. It may happen even on the 7th day after sex, in such a case the miracle is starting when you have almost forgotten the details of that passionate night with your partner.

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