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What to Do with a Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

What does a faint positive pregnancy test look like?

Some pregnancy tests can be very difficult to interpret. You can have the kind of test that has a reference line and space next to it for a positive pregnancy test line that should show up within 2-3 minutes of the test. If after 10 minutes, you don’t see any line, the test is probably negative. The faintest line after 10 minutes, however, is worth repeating the next day on a first-morning specimen of urine. Digital tests usually don’t have the problem of the faint line. They are created to say “pregnant” or “not pregnant”, depending on a certain level of HCG, usually 25 mIU/ml in the urine sample. If you think you might have problems reading the line on the test, buy a digital test. They may be more expensive but they are the simplest to use. Make sure to read all directions on your pregnancy test kit. Some will have you directly pee on the stick, while others will provide you with a small cup to urinate in. The stick is then placed in the cup and the urine wicks up into the test area. You need to wait a specified period of time, usually 2-3 minutes, before reading the test. As mentioned, some tests will actually show a plus sign if you are pregnant, while others will be digital or will just have a reference line that helps you identify that the test is working and will be accompanied by a second line next to it if you are pregnant.  

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