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What is the most sensitive pregnancy test?

Which pregnancy test is the most sensitive?

All urine pregnancy tests are basically the same sensitivity and will be 99 percent accurate at the time of the missed period. Some of the generic brands, such as the Dollar Tree pregnancy test and the CVS brand of pregnancy test will be just as sensitive as the expensive brands of pregnancy tests. They are all based on the same technology that detects HCG in the urine at about 5-6 days before the missed period. It is more important to get a fresh pregnancy test that hasn’t expired than it is to be picky about the brand.

Buy a pregnancy test that offers you the opportunity to have more test sticks in each package. That way, if you get a faint line or faint plus sign on the test on one day, you can repeat the test the next day or even the day after that to get a more strongly positive test indicating that the HCG levels are rising and the pregnancy is likely to be healthy. A faint line that stays faint or goes away may mean you have had an early miscarriage and you will likely start having some bleeding soon. Ultra-sensitive pregnancy tests can show early pregnancies that will not go much past the implantation stage and you will have bleeding at about the time of a missed menstrual period. Without the positive pregnancy test prior to the bleeding, you might not have known you were pregnant at all. The bleeding during this type of period tends to be heavier than a regular period but, in most cases, it will pass and you will ovulate again the next cycle.

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