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Want to Know When to Take a Pregnancy Test? Our Expert Is Here to Help!

Many of the symptoms you describe are pregnancy symptoms. Due to the huge increase in estrogen, women frequently experience more vaginal discharge than usually, which is medically known as leucorrhea. It’s slippery, clear or whitish in color, and can smell slightly musky. If it isn’t white, yellow, green or gray, doesn’t have a fishy odor, and its consistency is rather runny, then you have nothing to be worried about. There’s no way to stop it – however, you may attempt to keep yourself clean and fresh by changing your underpants as frequently as needed to avoid bad smells, wearing sanitary pads (not panty liners, as they’ll likely cause bacterial vaginosis), and by washing with plain water every 2-3 days. Avoid soaps, deodorants, perfumes and other such hygiene products.

Delayed period is the most common signs of pregnancy. Since your period is only 2 days late, you will have to wait another 8 (for a total of 10 days) before you can take a pregnancy test. You may wonder: “Does it matter when you take a pregnancy test?” Absolutely! During the first few days after fertilization, your body might haven’t started producing enough hCG, and hence the result of the test will be negative. The amount of hCG your body produces doubles every day, so 10 days after your missed period is the perfect time frame.

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