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Want to Know When to Take a Pregnancy Test? Our Expert Is Here to Help!

1. I have recently had sex with my fiancé, and although we used a condom, I’ve started experiencing some unusual symptoms. I have a bowel movement every 4 or 5 days, but I used to have it nearly every day. Also, my period is around 2 days late, and this scares me since it always came on time. It should have arrived this month on the 29th, but it’s already the 31st and still no sign of it. However, I’ve started noticing some weird discharge from vagina – it’s clear, slippery, and makes my vulva feel very tacky. Sometimes I have to change my underwear because it’s too much of it, and no matter how much I wash down there, it won’t stop.
I think I may be pregnant, but I’m not sure when is a good time to take a pregnancy test. It’s been longer than 8 days since I’ve last had sex. Could you please help me? When is the earliest you can take a pregnancy test?

Expert Answers:

First of all, thank you for reaching out to us for help.

Unfortunately, condoms can be quite unreliable when it comes to protected sex. They can break during the intercourse, and hence no protection is provided. If you’re pregnant, then that’s probably what happened in your case as well.

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