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Online Pregnancy Test, Check Out the Symptoms

3.Do you have persistent breast tenderness? Many women will get breast tenderness just before getting a period. If you miss your period and still have breast tenderness, it is likely that you are pregnant. The hormones estrogen and progesterone are still high in early pregnancy so that you will continue to have breast tenderness throughout much of the first trimester. Persistent breast tenderness and enlargement are a typical sign of the first trimester of pregnancy.

4.Is there a change in your cervical mucus? The cervical mucus tends to be greater in quantity if you are pregnant. The mucus is usually white in color and does not burn or itch. If you have white discharge and there is a lot of itching, you may have a yeast infection in early pregnancy, which is not uncommon. Don’t worry about a little bit of extra vaginal discharge in pregnancy as this is common. If you have burning or itching, or if the vaginal discharge has an odor, you should seek the advice of your physician who might prescribe medication to get rid of an infection from yeast or another microorganism.

5.Are you more tired than normal? This is a typical sign of early pregnancy that usually lasts throughout the first trimester. If you feel more tired than normal, allow yourself to rest as much as you can and don’t be afraid to take a nap during the day if you have the opportunity. Most women in their first trimester will feel extra tired, but this usually wears off by the time you reach your second trimester. At that time, you will have more energy and will feel more vital. Tiredness returns again in the third trimester when your uterus is large and you have gained more weight. Just carrying around all that extra baby weight will cause you to feel more tired and you will hopefully be able to take more naps at that time.

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