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Intensifying Cramps: How to Act?

What Normal Cramps Feel Like

The cramping that may occur during implantation should not be painful or severe, and the bleeding should be very scant. None of these symptoms should increase in intensity or last very long. In most cases both implantation bleeding and cramping last anywhere from a few hours to one-two days maximum.

As far as menstrual cramps go, every woman feels different. Some may not experience cramping at all during the time before or during their period. Some women may have mild cramps, while others get fairly uncomfortable spasms every month. Some describe normal menstrual cramping as a constant pain in the lower abdomen; others feel them as an intermittent pain or dull aches, while others only experience pain in their backs. Cramps before periods generally lessen when menstruation begins, and cramps during menstruation usually become milder after the first day or two of the period.

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