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Implantation Bleeding, Period or Disease?

Illnesseswith Symptoms Similar to Implantation Bleeding

There are two possible variants here: spotting without real pregnancy and bloody discharge during the first trimester of expecting a child (actually implantation bleeding itself happens two-three weeks after conception). The causes of these phenomena may coincide, but mostly they are diametrically opposite.

The roots of abnormal spotting, when pregnancy is excluded:

1. Cervical diseases and inflammations.

Bloody discharge can be a symptom of cervical ectropion, interstitial neoplasia and cervical cancer. Actually, all these diseases can be diagnosed only by a high-qualified specialist during a pelvic exam. Light forms, unlike advanced stages, do not cause bloody spotting.

The abnormal mid-cycle bloody discharge can appear because of the development of one or several uterine fibroids and cervical polyps. Spotting is also treated as a symptom of genital endometriosis and endometritis.

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