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How Soon Can You Take a Pregnancy Test? 4 Stories from Women with the Same Dilemma

Here are 4 stories from our readers – see what the expert has to say about them!

1. I’m not pregnant, nor do I lead a sexually-active life. However, there’s something I don’t understand about pregnancy tests, and I’d like someone qualified and knowledgeable to clarify it for me. How soon can a pregnancy test detect pregnancy? Some of my friends have said their pregnancy tests turned out to be positive the day after their period was supposed to arrive. Others have said they waited about 2-3 days after implantation bleeding to take a home pregnancy test, but it turned out negative although they were actually pregnant. Is there something they did wrong? Did they take the tests too soon? How it comes that some got positive results after such a short time?
I’ve been asking around about this, but no one could give me a good answer. Your input will be greatly appreciated!

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