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How Long Does Implantation Cramping Last & How to Distinguish It from Other Issues?

How Long Does Implantation Last?

How long can implantation cramping last? The time interval, when the future embryo is attaching to the uterine endometrium, is referred to as implantation window. It usually lasts for 1-3 days. After that, the level of human gonadotropin in the blood begins to grow, and you can finally get your BFP. Moreover, from this time it’s possible with the help of the ultrasound examination to distinguish the fertilized egg, measured just 2 mm.

Those who are worried about the intensity and duration of implantation cramps, probably have lengthy and painful spasms. Mind, that such strong feelings are not typical for normal egg attachment. Many women don’t feel anything at all. Besides, doctors claim it’s impossible to feel any pain during the blastocyst embedment into the uterine endometrium, since the blastocyst itself is infinitesimally small. Those women, who had this specific cramping, would certainly dispute such a statement. They remember all the sensations, related to early pregnancy, more than good. And this is how they actually describe their special cramps.

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