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How Heavy Implantation Pain Should Be?

The blastocyst represents a cluster of multiple tiny cells, which are even smaller than a pin’s head. During the specific implantation day, most women present no symptoms. Some women could report spotting or bleeding slightly after the time of egg attachment. Most of them notice this spotting brown or slightly reddish in color. Additionally, the majority of expectants see just a few blood drops and maybe 1-2 brown spots on the underwear. If your bloody discharge is similar to the period flow, possibly you are not experiencing implantation bleeding.

It’s common for many women, who expect a child, not to experience bloody discharge during the first weeks of pregnancy. Moreover, sometimes a woman can notice spotting, when she isn’t pregnant for sure. In case you are experiencing regular bleeding approximately at the time of ovulation and you aren’t pregnant, then you should better discuss this phenomenon with your doctor.

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