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First Response Pregnancy Test

If you test this at around the 5th to 6th day before your missed period, you may get a faint second line but this still means you are pregnant as false positive tests are very rare. This First Response pregnancy test can be purchased at any CVS pharmacy or at Walgreen’s and are about as cheap as any other pregnancy test, including the Clear Blue test and the Equate Pregnancy tests.

First Response Pregnancy Test Results

The results of the regular test are reported as a double pink line if you are pregnant and a single pink line If you are not pregnant. The digital tests just say “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” and are slightly less sensitive than the double line test. Both detect the same thing—HCG levels, which is the level of pregnancy hormone in the urine. This level won’t show up unless you have had implantation of the embryo, which occurs at about 9-11 days after ovulation. Either way, this lets you know you are pregnant up to 5-6 days before you even miss your period.

How to Use First Response Pregnancy Test

After you read the instructions, take the cap off the test strip and allow yourself to urinate fully on the stick. The test comes with a curved handle to make it easier to urinate on the test strip. The urine wicks up into the detection device so that you can get your result in just a few minutes. The test result will depend on whether or not you bought a two line test or a digital test.

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