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Cramps After Period: Do They Always Mean You Are Pregnant?

When in General Are Abdominal Cramps Felt?

What causes abdominal pains after menstruation?

Abdominal cramps are commonly felt only during menses. Some women experience such pain before the menstruation. In some cases it lasts for a few days even after period. Cramping can be described as a pulling, pulsing pain usually felt all over the abdominal area. In fact, for many ladies, the pain is not localized and it quickly radiates down to the thighs and waist and even to the lower back.

It is crucial to understand that there is a difference between PMS pains and cramps experienced during and after menstruation. Often symptoms, including pain, moodiness and breast tenderness, can turn into a continual process that starts a day or two before the period and goes on till the bleeding stops.

Cramps after period can range from mild to severe. If they are mild, most women will barely notice them and they will typically last for a few hours only, feeling more like heaviness or bloating in the belly. However, for many ladies the pain is so intense, that they have to resort to OTC pain killers and even put their lives on hold for a few days.

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