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Cramping After Sex Can Be Alarming

There are a number of reasons why sexual intercourse can be painful. In the majority of cases such unpleasant feelings need to be discussed with a specialist. However, let`s try to investigate the reasons for having cramps during and after sex. We will take only the most common cases into consideration. The first step will be answering such questions as:

– In which phase of the menstrual cycle do the pains begin?

– How often are cramps felt?

– Where is pain during sex felt? How can it be described?

– Are there any other accompanying symptoms?

Cramping After Sex at Any Day of the Menstrual Cycle

Cramping After Every Sexual Intercourse

If pain and cramps are felt after sex every time and these feelings don`t depend on the day of the menstrual cycle, in most cases such symptom indicates to the presence of the inflammatory disease. In such a case woman experiences nagging or throbbing pain. The color, consistency, odor and quantity characteristics of cervical mucus change a lot. If inflammation process becomes chronic, it can cause various menstrual cycle disorders. Some infections, e.g. chlamydiosis and human papillomavirus, can destruct the mucous membrane of the uterus cervix. This may cause bloody discharge also known as “contact bleeding”. Chronic inflammatory diseases, if not treated timely and properly, can even lead to cancer.

If your symptoms are similar, you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible. The best decision will be to schedule appointment together with your partner, because a lot of infections are transmitted from one partner to another during sexual intercourse and both of them need special treatment.

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