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Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

These tests provide you with a device that contains a strip that you urinate on. The urine should be a first-morning specimen for the best in accuracy. Urinate on the strip and wait the number of minutes suggested in the pregnancy test instructions. After that, look for a line that says the test is working and has not expired or dysfunctional for any reason. Then read the results. The test will show a plus or minus sign in the non-digital test and will read “pregnant” or “not pregnant” results in the digital test. It is really that simple!

How to Read Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

Reading the test depends on which test you purchase. Always read the instructions of the test you buy. The sensitive Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test will give you a blue “+” sign if you are pregnant or a “-“ sign if you are not pregnant. You basically urinate on the test strip, wait a few minutes and read the plus or minus sign.

It depends on the test you purchase. If you purchase a digital test, you will receive a “pregnant” or “not pregnant” result after waiting for the urine to soak up into the test device. If you purchase a cheaper plus or minus pregnancy test, you will read a plus sign or a minus sign on the test after a couple of minutes. Sometimes you can get a faint plus sign on this type of test, which can mean you are barely pregnant. This is the earliest type of test you can buy, telling you if you are pregnant as early as 5 days before your missed period.

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