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Can You Take a Pregnancy Test While on Your Period? In Short: Yes – Here’s Why

If I’m on My Period, Can I Still Be Pregnant?

Most of the time, taking a pregnancy test while on your period may seem unnecessary given that your period means that you’re not actually pregnant. However, if the hormones that control your period aren’t produced in sufficient amounts for your body to stop it, then you may still get your AF even if you’re actually pregnant. Many women have reported getting their period during the first 1-3 months of pregnancy; some have said they got their period during the entire course of their pregnancy without affecting the development of the baby.

Is It Really Your Period?

A reader has recently contacted us in regard to a potential pregnancy. She explained that she was experiencing many pregnancy symptoms, but got her period regardless. According to her, the blood flow was unusually light, and occurred faster than it was due to arrive. She asked, “Can u take a pregnancy test while on your period? Also, is there some kind of irregular period pregnancy test you can take?”

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